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HP PCs Connecting a Bluetooth device Windows

by myadmin

Once the process is complete, restart your computer. To run it, simply type wsreset in the search box next to the Start menu and select Run command when it prompts you to. This error may show up due to one of several reasons.

Here’s how to turn on Bluetooth and connect a Bluetooth device on a Windows 10 computer in two different ways. We understand that these issues are frustrating, and we’re here to help you resolve them in a timely manner. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”. Alternatively, select the first option to check for driver updates automatically. You can pair all kinds of Bluetooth devices with your PC—including keyboards, mice, phones, speakers, and a whole lot more. Some PCs, such as laptops and tablets, have Bluetooth built in.


Select the recording or capture area and lock the recording area. Click the Recorder tray icon and gain access to the main menu. I have selected H FPS because my graphics card supports it. You may find Intel or Nvidia in the same spot depending on what GPU the machine is running.

  • The new product is bringing various Azure support enhancements, but Microsoft also added improvements to the core database engine.
  • Move the mouse pointer to hover over the shortcut on your desktop.
  • In short, this post tries to show you how to record screens on Windows 10 with and without audio.
  • It’s easy to screen record with Screencast-O-Matic!

Use the down arrow key to navigate to the 0038 line. With your cursor before 11, press the Deletekey once. Select the account that you want to elevate to admin, then clickProperties.

Step 2: Boot your computer from the USB drive.

Moreover, only an administrator can install, remove, modify or run protected files and software. Sometimes Windows 10 won’t let you access your files. This means that Windows 10 is preventing unauthorized users from messing with internal files and settings. If you’re not the administrator or have had your admin privileges revoked, it can be quite the pain in the rear to set up a new account and give it administrator privileges. Here are all the ways that you can change your account type to get admin rights and truly own your Windows PC. Change the login name of your system administrator by clicking on the Change Account Settings button.

OBS Screen Recorder for windows

Then, you should log in with another administrator account to reclaim the system. You’ll be prompted to enter your password, but you can also change your username. You can also disable the built-in administrator account in Windows 10. After logging into your account with the administrator account, you can also change your password to a new one. Changing your administrator email is a long, somewhat complicated process, but it’s important that you change it if you want to be able to control access to the system. To do this, open the Settings application and click on drivers download the Accounts tab.

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